COVID-19 Chemical Spray


With the Coronavirus now designated a pandemic, many businesses are working with EFS Europe to sanitise their premises with our Covid 19 chemical spray, protecting their staff, customers and keeping their business operational.


Our experienced team, arrive at your premises in full PPE, and using our ionic chemical spray we sanitise the entire workplace environment, creating a hostile surface for all pathogens and bacteria, causing viruses to die off.

The unique misting gun electrically charges the chemical, enabling it to statically bond to all surfaces throughout the workplace.

These static particles look for neutrally charged particles to stick to – like a static balloon will stick to your hand. They're drawn like tiny magnets to give an even coating to all surfaces in the vicinity.

Using wipes or regular spray disinfectant in your workplace won't have the same results.


The chemical disinfects and kills bacteria and leaves behind a protective film naked to the eye to providing ongoing protection for up to 28 days.

We can do a one-off spray treatment, but premises will need an ongoing service in order to remain 'Covid Secure'.

We can leave behind a spray bottle of the chemical to allow your cleaning team to carry out touch point cleaning between sprays without wiping away the protective film.

This unique process electrically charges the sanitising chemical, enabling it to adhere to all surfaces throughout the workplace.

The chemical disinfects and kills bacteria providing protection for up to 28 days.

Re-application is recommended every 21 days for ongoing protection.

Let us work with you to prepare, prevent and protect your staff and business from COVID-19. Please get in touch to find out more.


An electrode atomizes the cleaning solution.

The charged particles are attracted to the surface area, wrapping around it.

3D objects & hard-to-reach places receive a clean, even coat.

Disinfects and kills bacteria for up to 28 days.

The innovative spray gun charges all the ions in the spray tank making them positive.

The positive ions are pumped out prior to becoming atomized.

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