Event Carpet & Artificial Grass

Carpet is a critical part of many temporary events. Whether it's an exhibition or a movie premiere, the use of carpet can transform the look and feel of an event space. For larger venues it can also have a positive impact on the acoustics, helping to improve the experience for everyone attending. EFS Europe supply and fit a huge variety of carpets as well as vinyl and laminate wood flooring on both a temporary and permanent basis. Our experience in this particular sector is second to none, and we pride ourselves on the attention to detail we show.

Artificial grass is a product that can be specified for a variety of different reasons. When the need arises, EFS Europe has a selection of styles to suit all requirements, whether it is for sporting use or simply for presentation purposes. The aesthetic that artificial grass creates can have a strong impact on an event, and we have worked on a variety of different projects that have all yielded stunning results.

EFS Europe has a range of products to suit any budget or theme and is sympathetic to the effort and details that goes in to planning and executing a successful event. We always approach our projects with an attention to detail that is unrivalled within our industry, emulating the efforts made by those organising any given event.

EFS Europe's range of artificial grasses are only available to purchase. Contact us directly for pricing and quotes.