Motor Racing and Garage Flooring

The premium products within the EFS Europe range have been used extensively within the motor sport world for both practical and aesthetic purposes. Using our products, engineers can create garage floors in both temporary and permanent facilities that cause minimal damage to tyres and help to raise vehicle slightly off the hard floor below. This helps to easily identify any fallen parts or leaks.

Our products are resistant to fluids and can all be easily washed down to ensure that only the highest levels of cleanliness are maintained within any given garage. For the same reasons, all EFS Europe products can be deployed in both private and commercial garages. The versatility of our range is highlighted by the fact that the same product used for a racing team's garage floor can also be used to created pedestrian pathways at the event, which is often the case as organisers look to provide clear access to car parks and concession stands.

In addition to using them for practical purposes, our flooring products have also been used to create stunning vehicle displays at awards dinners, racing events and showcases. As well as high-performance use, our premium ranges have been embraced by classic car enthusiasts looking to create the perfect environment to protect, preserve and exhibit their vehicles at classic car shows and events.