A Magical Time at Kew Gardens for EFS Europe

Posted: Tue, 09 Mar 2021 14:52

  • A Magical Time at Kew Gardens for EFS Europe
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Now in its eighth year, the 2020 Kew Garden's enchanting winter trail took a magical new route, leading visitors for the first time through the beautifully illuminated Rose Garden. Old favourites and brand-new light installations brought festive cheer, as Christmas revellers made their way through over one million lights via EFS's temporary pathways. Twenty-five different walkways and viewing pods were installed by the EFS team including a 775smq catering pod.

This is the second time EFS has been commissioned by Kew Gardens to provide the pedestrian flooring for this very special event. 2385 sqm of Temp-A-Path was installed, double what was installed in 2019; the install took just two and half days and took place on 25th, 26th & 27th November. The pathways were doubled in width to 2.4metres due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the social distancing measures which were put in place. Pedestrian lay-bys were also incorporated for enhanced visitor safety.

The event ran from Friday 4 December and was due to run until Sunday 24 January, but sadly it had to be cancelled on the 4th January due to the pandemic. Temp-A-Path was in situ for the duration of the event.

Jeremy Simpson, EFS's Managing Director said: "We were delighted to be asked to work with Kew Gardens again on this very special event. Our Temp-A-Path was required, more so than 2019, given this awful pandemic. Thousands of visitors were relying on the temporary walkways to get them around the event safely and enabling them to adhere to social distancing regulations. There has been a huge strain on the events industry during this global crisis, so to be able to assist Kew, in order for the event to continue safely, was an absolute privilege. We were very sad to learn that this wonderful event had to close its doors early."

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