Football Pitch Protection for Events

Football pitch protection for events is vital for maintaining the highest quality playing surface whilst transforming the venue for sell out concerts and other non-sporting events. EFS Europe's Temp-A-Path is designed to withstand heavy footfall without compromising the quality of the pitch beneath.

Why choose Temp-A-Path for Football Pitch Protection?

Temp-A-Path, designed, manufactured and installed by EFS Europe, is a lightweight, interlocking modular flooring solution. It is ideal at creating instant temporary flooring for outdoor events where grass protection is paramount. The system is quick and easy to install and extremely versatile. Available in a range of colours, Temp-A-Path can be laid in multi-sized sections and is ideal for ground protection in all weather scenarios.

Where vehicle access is limited, it is essential that temporary flooring can be manoeuvred into situ by hand; Temp-A-Path is the solution in this scenario. Temp-A-Path is also anti-slip; another essential given the Great British weather!

The product, designed for football pitch protection for events, has been installed in many prestigious venues and stadiums such as the Tigers ground and Blackpool's Bloomfield Road stadium and Wembley. Temp-A-Path is designed to protect the grounds and turf against any damage whilst also keeping your visitors safe.

Temp-A-Path is designed to be on the ground for long periods of time without causing any damage to the turf. It has been widely used for grass protection and is available in a range of colours as well as translucent; Temp-A-Path covers every option.

Translucent Temp-A-Path has been specifically designed to protect pitches for long periods of time without causing any yellowing or other surface damage to the turf. Typically this has been used by sports stadiums for concert flooring. Our translucent flooring product, protects natural turf grass from excess abrasion and wear from site traffic and attendees at open air concerts and other outdoor events.

Translucent Temp-A-Path from EFS Europe is able to do this because of its special design which allows light, water and air to access the grounds underneath it. Our trials show that no adverse damage has been caused to the grass for a minimum of 30 days.

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Technical Specifications

Rectangular, hinged interlocking tiles

Tile dimension: 405mm (l) x 135mm(w) x 20mm(h)

Robust and strong, polypropylene material – weight 5.02kg/m²

Slip resistance – AS/NZS 4586 Part C Class B

In service temperature range – HDPE -30℃ to +60℃

Flame retardancy to U.L. 94HB

Chemically inert and resistant to oil and petrol

Static loading up to 3.5 tonnes/m² on firm surfaces

Packaging: Euro pallet 100m²