Social Distancing Floor Stickers

Social distancing floor stickers to reinforce social distancing regulations

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Available in bespoke designs in a range of sizes

The global pandemic caused by Covid-19 requires that social distancing be enforced to help ensure that your employees and customers remain safe. Businesses are having to take unprecedented steps to protect themselves, their employees and their customers.

Social distancing floor stickers from EFS Europe are the perfect way to reinforce social distancing regulations and to remind your staff and customers that they need to maintain a safe distance between each other for their own wellbeing.

The stickers can be customised to any design incorporating your company's branding.

Benefits of using EFS Europe's Covid-19 Floor Stickers

  • EFS Europe's social distancing floor stickers can be made to any design, incorporating your company's logo.
  • They make people feel safer, promoting a positive brand experience. People are avoiding locations where social distancing measures haven't been put in place.
  • The stickers have proven to ensure that people adhere to social distancing rules; potentially saving lives.
  • The stickers are printed digitally for superb colour reproduction and definition.
  • Cost effective; stickers are a great budget way to enforce social distancing regulations.
  • Quick and easy to install - you can mark out your venue in minutes.
  • Stickers can be sprayed with anti-bacterial solution keeping them clean and hygienic.
  • Flush to the floor surface eliminating the risk of trips.
  • Ideal for public buildings including hospitals, supermarkets, offices, retail parks and schools; both indoors and outdoors.

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Bespoke Designs

<p class="text">EFS 01: 284mm or 400mm</p>

<p class="text">EFS 015: 284mm or 400mm</p>

<p class="text">EFS 016: 284mm or 400mm</p>

EFS 017: 284mm or 400mm

EFS 012: 284mm or 400mm

EFS 013: 284mm or 400mm

EFS 014: 284mm or 400mm



EFS 018: 284mm or 400mm

EFS 019: 284mm or 400mm

EFS 0110: 284mm or 400mm

EFS 0111: 284mm or 400mm

EFS 0112: 284mm or 400mm

EFS 0113: 284mm or 400mm

EFS 0114: 284mm or 400mm

EFS X: 284mm or 400mm

EFS 0115: 400mm x 150mm

EFS 0116: 400mm x 150mm

EFS 0117: 400mm x 150mm

EFS 0120: 400mm x 150mm

400mm x 150mm

EFS 0122: 400mm x 150mm

EFS 121: 400mm x 150mm

EFS 118: 400mm x 150mm

EFS 119: 400mm x 150mm

EFS 0124: 800mm x 150mm

EFS 0127: 800mm x 150mm

EFS 0123: 800mm x 150mm

EFS 0126: 800mm x 150mm

EFS 0125: 800mm x 150mm

EFS 0128: 800mm x 150mm

Why Choose EFS Europe's Covid-19 Floor Stickers


Durable and robust

No additional fixings required

Quick and easy to install

No mechanical fixings

No specialist tools or skills required

Bespoke designs

Easy to work around obstructions