Temporary Sports Hall Floor Protection

  • British Transport Games
  • Nottingham University
  • Running Track Protection
  • Leicester Cricket Club before
  • Leicester Cricket Club after

EFS Europe specialise in sports hall protection carpet. Many clients ask us how they can make better use of their facilities, transforming their venue into an alternative event space, without damaging their existing sports hall floor. As Club Carpet is simple to up-lift and store, your venue can be easily transformed many times, capitalising on your sports hall's revenue generating opportunities.

At Event Flooring Solutions, we have a professional in-house crew to provide the installation if required and have decades of experience in providing many UK venues including: Bolton Arena, De Montfort University, Leeds Met University, Loughborough University and Nottingham University. So, If you are looking for sports hall floor protection - we've got you covered!

The following simple case study demonstrates the opportunities and subsequent benefits many of our clients have achieved from making use of EFS Club Carpet.

The Problem Put to Us

Having held many events in our Student Union which all achieved substantial revenue, the problem became apparent to us that we were missing out on opportunities to use our other facilities to the same effect. As an educational establishment we are keen to develop its usage for both our own students as well the local community at large.

We want to transform the hall at short notice into a forum for a wide variety of events and activities. Typically this might include exhibitions, weddings, functions, presentations and concerts.

Financially we need to maximize the venues potential and add value to ourselves without disrupting and damaging its day to day existence as a sports hall. Ideally we would like to use our own on-site staff to install and remove the flooring.

The Solution

EFS supplied our Club Carpet, this easy to lay and remove carpet was supplied in a bespoke colour and size specially for the size of the hall.

As Club Carpet is simple to up-lift and store, the venue was transformed many times adding significant income to the client – without the need to invest in an expensive temporary marquee and with no damage to the sports floor.

The strength and durability of the carpet meant that the client was able host professional, safe and profitable events over a 5 year period.

Cost Benefits

For an initial outlay of just £7,500, the additional activity in the sports hall generated over £65,000 of new income.