Stadium and Arena Events

Whether it's football, rugby or cricket, the standard of the natural surface is a key part of a sports venue's operations. If a venue chooses to host a major event, protecting its turf is a critical part of the production process. The safety of those attending an event is also paramount, so it's important to identify a product that can meet all the key criteria.

At EFS Europe, we have worked closely with experienced groundsmen to understand exactly what their requirements are when it comes to protecting natural surfaces. Based on these requirements we generally recommend our Temp-a-path product, which is translucent and covered in small holes. This allows both light and water to evenly permeate the product, maintaining healthy growth of the grass beneath. Day-to-day ground operations are therefore significantly unhindered, meaning that sprinkler systems and light canopies can still be deployed even if a pitch is fully covered. Trials have shown that grass covered by translucent Temp-a-path for 30 days has experienced no yellowing or other discolouration.

Indoor arenas can also require additional flooring for a variety of different reasons. Our Ice Shield product is commonly used to cover ice rinks so that other events can take place without the need to remove the ice. We also supply carpet, vinyl and laminate products to major indoor arenas so that more formal events can take place.