EFS Temp-A-Deck

EFS Temp-A-Deck is the simplest way to add high-quality wooden decking to your temporary event.

EFS Temp-A-Deck comes in two thicknesses of either 2.5cm (1") or 2.8cm (1 1/8"). Both thickness are rigid and withstand significant weight, both tiles are also extremely easy to fit with no mess, no glue and no fixings necessary. In less than 20 minutes you can fit a 4 metre square deck.

Uniquely snapping together, the tiles are quick to install and you won't need a hammer, screwdriver or any glue. The only tool you may need could be a saw if you need to fit a tile around a post or a downpipe.

EFS Temp-A-Deck is perfect for indoor or outdoor applications, allowing event organisers to build stunning outdoor areas for summer events or create amazing spaces within indoor venues or marquees.

You can use your imagination to create a stunning tile deck by laying the tiles in any direction you can think of. The plastic base is specially designed to allow the wood tiles to dry thus preventing build of of any mould. If your surface is a little uneven, some sand under the tiles will be all you need to level it.

The product is 30cm x 30cm and is supplied in boxes of six tiles. Tapered edging pieces are also available to provide a safe a clean finish when the product is laid in open areas.

EFS Temp-A-Deck tiles are manufactured from Acacia hardwood which come from sustainable plantation forests.

Please note that EFS Temp-A-Deck is not a range available for hire. Now in stock, the product is available to purchase only. Contact EFS Europe for pricing options.

Temp-A-Deck Specifications

Thickness - 2.5cm (1") or 2.8cm (1 1/8")

Dimensions - 30cm x 30cm

Comes in boxes of six tiles, which will cover 0.54m2

Wood - Acacia Hardwood, pre treated and weather resistant

No adhesive or tools required

Extremely quick installation

Perfect for marquees, external hospitality areas, high-end trade stands, and many more applications


Installing EFS Temp-A-Deck couldn't be easier.

1. Prepare your instilling area so that it is as flat a possible and free from debris.

2. Identify the style you wish to install your tiles: either in continuous parallel lines or alternate 90deg angles.

3. If the area to be covered lies adjacent to a permanent or temporary wall, begin your installation by laying the first row against this wall.

4. Lay the EFS Temp-A-Deck tiles in your desired style by simply interlocking the plastic tabs and eyelets.

5. Finish the installation by using the special bevelled edging pieces to give a clean look.