Temporary Roadway for Events

  • Portable Roadway for events
  • Portable Roadway
  • Temporary Roadway when aluminium is not suitable
  • Temporary Roadway
  • Temporary Trackway rental
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EFS Europe is a leading UK supplier of Temporary Roadways for events. We are specialists in temporary heavy-duty trackway, temporary access roads and portable roadways.

Our portable roadway system, Hex Road can be rapidly installed on a variety of terrains, providing instant access to events. The versatile non-metal interlocking system will protect the ground from long-term damage. Hex Road has a static loading of up to 100 tonnes and a mobile loading of 44 tonnes (the legal European limit), making it extremely versatile and robust.

Unlike aluminium roadway, Hex Road is easy to man handle. The 55cm interlocking tiles mean that narrow roads can be created where aluminium trackway is unsuitable. The versatility of the product means roadways can be created where lorry access is prohibited; we have even been known to install the product within walled gardens, creating curves and fitting around obstacles.

Choose Hex Road if you require a vehicle roadway for efficient road access to your events.

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