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Temporary Walkway

  • Temporary Walkway
  • Pedestrian walkway around event toilets
  • Disabled access roadway
  • Pedestrian walkway flooring for event toilets
  • Pedestrian walkway for events
  • Pedestrian Walkway
  • Temporary access walkway for events
  • Temporary walkway for rental
  • Temporary walkway for hire

Temporary Walkway and Portable Pathway Hire are essential for most events requiring safe access across sites for people on foot. EFS's Temp-A-Path is the go-to solution for temporary walkway hire. Our system is deployed all over the country providing safe pedestrian access at events such as Leads & Reading Festival, Lincoln Christmas Market and Ironman UK.

Get in touch with us for: Temporary Roadways, Temporary Walkways, Disabled Access Roadways, Portable Pathways, Pedestrian Walkways, Temporary Pedestrian Walkway Hire and any other Temporary Access Roadways you require for your event.