Winter Fairs and Markets

EFS Europe has worked with some of the UK's leading winter fairs and Christmas markets, supplying a range of products for a multitude of purposes. These events take place at a time of year when the weather can be extremely unpredictable, which means it is vital to ensure that traders, contractors and visitors can all gain safe access. The EFS Europe products are all suitable for use in cold and wet weather and are all portable and easy to deploy.

EFS Europe has installed products at historic sites like Ludlow Castle and Lincoln Cathedral to aid with access to the site for their respective Christmas markets. Our products have been laid to create temporary roadways over soft ground, to protect sensitive land around historic sites and to provide a stable base on which traders can set up their stands. By utilising our products, winter events that have used all available hard standing now also have a viable way of expanding in to grassed areas whilst maintaining safe, unhindered access irrespective of the weather.